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Practice Areas

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music, copyright, blockchain, digital, licensing, publishing, branding, artist relations, management, agency, live attractions, risk management

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business corporations, shareholder issues, negotiation and closing of complex transactions

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business-related claims and defence

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General Counsel

estate planning, wills, family law and other services for entertainment industry professionals

William Genereux

William Genereux
BA JD (Osgoode)

William is an internationally-recognized lawyer in the area of entertainment law, advising clients on matters such as licensing, branding, recording agreements, music publishing, and the purchase and sale of sound recordings and compositions. His areas of proctice include corporate, litigation and general counsel for professionals and their companies.

Real Life Experience

80's Experience
1980's played guitar in a punk band
self-released the band's EP; sold through mail order in Maximum Rock 'n Roll Magazine

90's experience
1990's co-owned and ran a Canadian indie dance record label
two platinum albums; three gold albums
2000's + experience
2000's + representing award-winning artists, industry professionals and their companies
active member of the International Association of Entertainment Lawyers (IAEL)